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If required, we can also assist you in creating effective content. For this we work together with a cooperation partner. The texts develop professional editors - suitable for your target group. After all, your digital magazine should not only shine in the presentation.

Strategy and concept

Strategy and concept

What would your target group want to know more about? What appeals to her? What language is she speaking? Which structure suits your new magazine and how do fixed columns support recognition? What should your individual customer magazine or employee newspaper be called? And how can this publication ideally complement corporate communications?

All these questions are clarified in the development of a promising magazine strategy for your digital publication.

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Content creation

We not only plan effective content, we also know how to implement it. Linguistically correct, content wise and emotionally appealing - this is how information and strategy plus flair turns into a convincing digital magazine.

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Research and interview

From an exciting conversation to an illuminating technical contribution: we do everything for your individual content. We talk to people and turn them into stories that interest your readers. We work on all topics that you would like to present to your target group in an understandable and stimulating way.

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Marketing Digital Publishing

Content optimization

The reading expectations in the network are different than printed newspapers or magazines. Everything has to be shorter, shorter and more accentuated. We know the preferences of the users as well as the requirements of the search engines and are happy to adapt your content to these standards.

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