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Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Rheinwohnungsbau as a digital brochure.

Together with all our tenants, friends and business partners of Rheinwohnungsbau, we would like to look back on last year as a successful business year. We owe this in particular to the commitment of our 66-strong team, which spared no challenge and even grew last year. In 2021, we will celebrate our 90th anniversary - and that in the middle of a pandemic. We celebrated our last company anniversary in 2006. We would like to use this edition of our annual report to present to you the milestones we have achieved since then. 

In this annual report, we want to show you what lies behind the figures - what faces, events and values have shaped our work since the last anniversary. And, of course, we want to celebrate with you: You can find the program for our anniversary and all the opportunities to join in, get involved and celebrate on our homepage at

About Rheinwohnungsbau GmbH

Rheinwohnungsbau GmbH looks back on a history of more than 80 years with church origins. Today, we operate as a modern, innovative housing company in Düsseldorf and manage around 6,200 apartments in the NRW state capital as well as in Duisburg, Meerbusch and Berlin.


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