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Diving paradise Croatia

Croatia offers, in addition to the beautiful landscape, also an incredible underwater world. Discover this beauty with the interactive digital magazine.


New in the magazine among others: The dive site on the north/east coast of the island of RAB with cat sharks, lobsters and octopods, the shoal at Krklant, which delights with a special wide view and the diversity of marine life and the dive to the freshwater springs of Vrutak, which is reserved for TEC divers due to the depth of up to 70 meters.

The pro active diving magazine TAUCHPARADIES KROATIEN is intended for all fans of diving and all those who want to know EVERYTHING about "TOP diving spots" on Croatia's coast. Our editorial team is constantly working on the additions of interesting TOP diving spots! 

In our "WISSEN SPEZIAL" experts - wreck researchers, marine biologists, underwater photographers, cave and TEC divers have their stage. Here expert and insider knowledge is included to answer questions of divers who want to KNOW MORE, in detail.

About Andreas Underworld is designed for travelers, vacation seekers and globetrotters who want more.

More in individualism, personality, adventurousness and exclusivity. For people like you and me, people who know what they want and how to achieve it.

And if you like to go to your limits - then you should experience mine. Because they usually start where others have been swimming with the masses for a long time. I'm not just talking about a courageous cliff jump, but rather about things that are truly unique and will catapult you out of your own comfort zone.


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