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Magazine? Digital!

What can the program do? Estefano Labudda, Creative Director at Novamag, in an interview

Published on Aug 3, 2021

Publishing magazines, brochures or annual reports online - there are tools for this like sand on the beach. One software surprised us positively: Novamag manages without PDF sheets or complex programming. What can the program do? Estefano Labudda, Creative Director at Novamag, in an interview.


There are already many online publishing tools. Why Novamag now?

The flip page PDFs of many providers are rigid and lifeless. But if you want to build a really good website instead, it's a lot of work - we've experienced that ourselves. That's why the idea for Novamag was born.

How did you get the idea?

Novamag was just a project in the beginning. With the company NordLevel we won a pitch for a Swiss insurance company: We were to create a magazine online - but not as a flip page PDF, but responsively and suitable for SEO. Two programmers, two project managers and a graphic designer worked full time on this project per issue - quite a lot of work for one client. Our managing director wanted it to run better: And so the idea was born to develop a software with design modules and sell licenses. We started working on it right away and at some point put all our energy into the project. In 2019 NordLevel became Novamag, and since then we have officially been part of the IGEPA Group.

Who is the software suitable for?

Originally we developed Novamag to publish periodicals - that's what we specialise in. We can easily translate existing print publications with design modules online, but we can also create new publications directly digitally. The software is very versatile. In fact, everything that you want to publish online can be implemented with Novamag: from magazines and brochures to photo books and travel blogs.

You rely on design modules. Doesn't every online magazine look the same then?

The building blocks are important for the easy handling of the software. Nevertheless, the elements can be adapted to different designs - colours, logos, fonts can be selected individually, for example. In addition, the modules can be changed rudimentarily by means of certain parameters. Coupled with the number of design modules and the possibilities to place them, each result appears individual.

How much print is still in the online magazine?

If you want to translate a print medium online, images, logos, colours and fonts will definitely give it a recognition value. Nevertheless, one has to say goodbye to the idea of being able to transfer print one to one online: Sometimes a different picture fits digitally better than in a print magazine. Or a head has to be changed because it doesn't work as well online as in the magazine ...

This is Novamag

With Novamag, users can prepare their online publication themselves using various design construction kits - not only with text and images, but also with audio and video files. It is also possible to embed interactive and external content. Novamag's clients include Atlas Copco, HOCHTIEF, Center Parcs, VolvoCE, Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa and the Körber Foundation. Want some examples? More information about Novamag can be found here.

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