In focus: Malte Nielsen, Novamag GmbH

Published on 6. May 2019 from Estefano L

In focus: Malte Nielsen, Novamag GmbH

Malte Nielsen is managing director and co-founder of Novamag GmbH. Based on the experience gained from various customer projects in the field of online publications, the idea has matured into a simple, professional system for e-magazines. The result is novamag - currently the most modern and powerful system for online publications on the German-speaking market.

1 Why did you become an entrepreneur? The attraction was the variety of activities and especially the ability to realize your own vision. During my training as an IT specialist in the field of system integration, I became increasingly aware of the need. In the end, the tasks repeated themselves. One became faster, better, but not necessarily more satisfied. After finishing my apprenticeship I decided to dare the way of independence. The beginning of a great journey with an uncertain outcome. But maybe that's exactly where the attraction lies, coupled with my own vision.

2. what do you enjoy most in your job?0 To have an overview in all areas and to be able to implement your own ideas. Just as much as the contact with customers and their problems, which we can solve as a team. This is what makes working as an entrepreneur so varied and exciting. Especially the contact with new customers.

3 What distinguishes you and your company from your competitors? We operate in a segment in which there are not many competitors yet. Our product is a solution to a problem that many companies do not even have on their screens yet. This makes it all the more important to be able to offer you an adequate solution quickly.

4. what advice would you give to someone who wants to set up his own business in your industry? Do a precise target group analysis. Who are my customers and who are not my customers. We have been dealing with this question for a very long and intensive time. The answer is not easy to find, but it is decisive for the success or failure of a company.

5. assuming you knew that you could not fail - what one thing would you do with your company? Take the step towards internationalization. We are currently operating in the DACH region. The appeal of acting beyond these borders is great, but so is the danger of failing uncontrollably once you have crossed the point-of-no-return.

6. what was the craziest experience in your business? Actually, there was none that I would retrospectively claim was really crazy enough to highlight here. Crazy was perhaps, on the whole, the time in which the product was developed. That was really crazy rock'n'roll as it is written in the start-up manual. But a funny and formative time.

7. what was your biggest success? That our product is used by large, established companies and corporations. The confirmation that we have created something that the big ones appreciate and that we have added value.

8. who is your role model or who inspired you? Elon Musk. A true pioneer. Not only because he founded and runs several companies at the same time, but also because of what the product of these companies is. Not everyone is trying to reinvent the car and go into space. Especially not simultaneously, in one person, in one life.

9 Who would you like to spend dinner with? Elon Musk 😉

10. If you were to donate one million, who would get it? I would invest the money in the children of this world. Because you are our future and you carry on what we create. It is all the more important to promote and relativize the imbalance which - unfortunately - exists here.

Mr Nielsen, thank you very much for the interesting conversation!

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