How do I earn more subscribers to my newsletter?

We'll show you how to make more noise in your newsletter.

Published on 5. November 2019 from Malte Nielsen

Who invested a lot of time in his newsletter and later opening rate, click rate and co. checks, is quickly disappointed if the numbers are not as expected.

How do I earn more subscribers to my newsletter?
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As always in marketing, e-mail marketing is also about two aspects that are important for an efficient appearance: content and reach. To illustrate this once again with an example: Good content does not require that they are also seen. Having the most beautiful graphics and the highest quality content does not necessarily mean they are seen. The range must first be generated in order to achieve the desired effect at all. On the other hand, I also have no idea if my posts and videos are clicked millions of times, but these are just memes and cat videos that do not really have anything to do with my brand or my products.

Now, in our case, we assume that we can deliver or create a good newsletter, but we still have to take care of the range (or subscriber numbers). In the following blog article, we would like to highlight some best practices and ways in which generating subscribers should be easy.

What do you offer your customers?

First of all, we should be clear about what it really means for a user to commit to my e-mail distribution list. Basically, we have to understand here that an exchange takes place. The future reader gives me his data and expects in return an added value. Especially in times of filled mailboxes and scandals about data security, the user expects an ever greater value for his data.

So sending a 'freebies' is important. A freebie here denotes a 'free' value added, which the user 'buys' with his data. While a .pdf file, a webinar or an e-book are already established, you can call them 'old but gold'. This is of course particularly exciting for B2B products. For a long time, this procedure could also be used in B2C. Meanwhile, however, it needs other means to really attract attention.

A best practice is a startup offering dog food and liqueurs based on insects as an alternative source of protein. It's quite possible that this may take a bit of getting used to, but that's where the idea of the freebie comes in. While many dog owners find this interesting, they are reluctant to change their pets to 'insects' and buy directly. The freebie for the well-converting newsletter are accordingly simple product samples - small packages, each with a daily serving of treats in four varieties. The investment on the part of the company is therefore quite low, whereas the added value for the customer is immense. All the concerns that the customer could have, are thereby cleared out of the way: "Taste my dog's treats? Does he even tolerate it? " An answer to this question is definitely worth his e-mail address. Especially when the signal word 'free samples', the users are alert. The result? Cost per lead of less than 70 cents.

Of course, this scheme F can also be applied to many other B2C products: Almost everything that concerns food'n'drinks, gyms that can offer a free trial, a free dessert in a restaurant, or a non-binding initial consultation in any B2B business ,

Do you use lead forms in social networks?

One problem with generating subscribers is often that I have to get them to my website first. This means: higher costs, or higher bounce rate in my ads. So it would have to find a way to generate my leads right where they are right now.

But here too, there are already numerous possibilities. For example, I can advertise directly on Facebook a contact form, in which my leads can register. I can customize this, as well as on my own website, and even provide single- and multiple-choice questions. The more detailed I design the form, the more accurate - but less so - will be the leads that sign up there. Quantity and quality are the counterparties. The leads I can then at any time from the appropriate memory of my Facebook page as for example. CSV file download and integrate into my general workflow.

Another advantage of this method is that I like Facebook a lot if I do not pull users off the platform and move them to my website. After completing the lead form, I am happy because I have my leads, but also Facebook - the user experience goes on. Facebook loses no user through my ad. Long story short: I have to pay less for my lead compared to registering through my website.

Do you have a Tell-a-Friend system?

Affiliate marketing should not be a new term to anyone here. But why do not we also use the system of recommendation in the newsletter? For example, it would be possible for a user to receive a 1% discount on their next order for every additional subscriber he adds to my list. Important: It must be assured that the new subscribers really all come on the basis of a recommendation and are not simply entered by the referrer. Thus, all have an added value: The referrer receives discounts and tends more to his next order. The recipient of the referral also receives a freebie and gets relevant information through your content, and you get more subscribers on the one hand, and more likely to receive more orders from the referrer on the other hand.

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