Changelog January 2022

The feature highlights in January

Published on Jan 19, 2022

Your publication in many languages, home button and logo link in navigation


Your publication in many languages

Smoothly reach additional markets with your own content.

Publications in multiple languages incl. associated domains? No problem! Each issue can easily be launched as a stand-alone publication including its own domain.

Did you know that in Novamag we can also publish publications in multiple languages? With the additional module Multi Language, it is possible to offer a publication in additional languages.

For this purpose, the existing German edition is cloned into another language. However, this does not mean that Novamag will automatically translate the texts - that is currently still a future dream. The conversion into another language has to be done on the Project Overview level via the "Add language" field. Available here are various languages like English, French or Spanish. If this field is grayed out, it means that the Multilingual module is not included in your license.

If the module could be interesting for your project / publication, please contact us!


The output in a further language is treated by the system as a further publication. Therefore, not only individual settings of the individual publication can be made, but these can also be made live separately from the German edition via a specific status toggle.

In addition, it is possible to assign a country-specific top-level domain to editions in other languages, which automatically redirects readers to the correct edition. Using the menu in the publication, it is also easy to switch between the languages and the corresponding domains.


Home button in the navigation

Fixed anchor point for readers & an even better orientation.

Using the home button, readers can be taken to a defined place in the magazine again and again by clicking on the individually uploaded icon in the navigation.

The navigation can now be extended by a Home button. The extension acts as an anchor point and helps readers to find their way around the magazine even better.

As a home button, an any icon can be defined, ideally in SVG format, and uploaded via drag & drop. On the system side, a house icon is stored as standard, which is not automatically visible in the editing field and only appears as soon as a link has been entered and saved. The house icon always adapts to the font color of the navigation, while individual icons retain their original color. Any page within the magazine can be specified as the target link behind the icon. Home buttons, for example, can easily take readers back to an overview page with a click.

Home button in the front end of the publication

The settings for the home button can be defined in the software under Publication- Settings >> Navigation >> Home link and Home link icon.

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Logo linking in the navigation

Easily link publications to the website.

Did you know that you can now easily link your logo in the navigation to any external target page?

Designing your publication in line with the company-specific CI/CD specifications is very easy to implement in Novamag. To create a uniform look and ensure a clear affiliation with the brand, the navigation of the publication can be customized in just a few steps. In addition to setting the color and font, an own logo can also be uploaded. This logo automatically takes readers back to the start page of the current issue with a click.

With the new navigation Budapest it is now possible to link the logo to an external target page. In this way, the company's own website or its own online shop can be optimally linked to the digital publication. The navigation Budapest has to be selected on project level in the Project-Settings in the drop-down menu of the navigation. While the target linking, on the other hand, is determined in the publication-level navigation settings.

If you wish, the new navigation Budapest can be enabled for you free of charge. If this new feature is exciting for you, just contact us!

Placing the link in the Publication-Settings

Nice-to-know: The color and font defined in the Project-Settings always apply to the entire publication / project. The logo, the home icon and the associated target links, on the other hand, are edited in the Publication-Settings and can thus be determined individually for each issue.

Linked logo in the front end of the publication

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