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Changelog Global Media Library

More structure for your media

Published on May 16, 2022

The new media library allows you to use media across projects and outputs. In addition, you can now create and maintain your own individual folder structure.


Until now, the structure of how media could be used in Novamag offered limited flexibility. Uploaded media like logos, images and videos were bound to a predefined structure and could only be used for the respective issue. In the new media library you can now build your own structure. This not only makes working with Novamag more flexible, but also allows you to reuse a single file in multiple projects and issues. Logos or other recurring media no longer need to be uploaded for each individual issue.

Overall, the new media library system is reminiscent of your computer's folder structure.

What’s new?


Due to the changeover, we have sorted all existing files into folders (Collections). The folders are named by project name and publication name.

This pre-sorting can lead to the fact that there are no media on the start page of the media library (Files Overview). To get to your media, you have to go to a collection first. You can access this by clicking on the respective folder. Alternatively, you can use the Search collection button to search specifically for media in a collection. If you activate the button Search all collections, you can search for your media in all existing collections.

If you find cryptically named screenshot files on the Files Overview that you can't assign, you can delete them. These files are obsolete and have no use anymore.


If whole collections appear which are cryptically named (about 17 letters and numbers), they are media from a project or publication that has already been deleted due to the migration of the old and new media libraries. Please check if the media stored there is still needed. In most cases, these collections can simply be deleted.



Collections are basically folders. You can create and use them at different levels in the media library to organize your media in Novamag. You can create as many collections as you like. Collections can be structured flexibly, so one collection can contain another collection and/or files etc.

Navigation in collections

You can easily navigate your new media library. Either click directly on your collections and all media contained therein will be displayed or switch between your collections by clicking on your team, your project or the publication using the small menu bar. The Go back function will take you back to the previous location.

Create collections

With the button +Add Collection, you can create a new collection, name it in the next step and save it.


Update collections

Each collection can be edited using the small menu button (3-vertical dots) in the upper right corner. This way you can easily move, rename or delete collections.

To make sure that you can't easily eliminate existing collections, only empty collections can be deleted. That is, you must first delete all subordinate collections and the media they contain.



Individual files are now detached from the projects and publications and can be sorted and used across them as desired.

Upload files

You can upload your media as usual with the drag&drop function. Note that each collection has a corresponding drag&drop area so that your uploaded media can be placed directly in the desired location. By the way, you don't have to assign media to a collection. You can also place them in the parent Root collection on the main page of the media library.


Move Files

To move a file to another collection, you simply have to click on the file to switch to the detail view of the file and select the desired location in the drop-down menu under Move File.


You can also move multiple media at once. Activate the Multi Selection toggle and click to select the media you want to move. In the drop-down menu Move Files, you can determine the destination of the selected media. With the button Select all you can select all media and move or delete them.


Replace Files

The button Replace File in the detail view of your image allows you to easily replace images that are already used in your publications. After clicking on the button a drag&drop field will open, where you can directly drag in the new image. You don't have to do anything else. The media are automatically updated wherever you had integrated them in your publications.



The toolbar allows you to easily navigate through your collections and quickly find the media you are looking for. Especially if you have a large number of media, the toolbar helps you to keep track of them. Search individual collections in the search bar Search collections for words or the respective file type by clicking on the corresponding icon or find your way in the toolbar Filter by tags with the search for already created tags in all collections.


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