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8 Reasons for an online magazine

Create a new level of communication

Published on May 1, 2019

With an online magazine, you can create a level of communication that provides lasting information about relevant content while offering a high-quality distribution opportunity.


The range is not only increased but they promote your sales, also achieve a positive external effect. These advantages have an online magazine for you:

1. You achieve customer and brand loyalty

According to a study *, 84 percent of the surveyed companies see the biggest challenge for their company in increasing customer and brand loyalty. Through journalistic processed and advisory information, a brand is positioned more credibly and creates a real added value for the customer.

2. Gain more attention with content

Over half of German companies rely on content, rather than promotional messages. In the UK as many as 80 percent pursue this communication approach**.

3. Quality is better than quantity

Many consumers are no longer receptive to classic (normal) advertising messages. Therefore, it seems only logical that the content-driven communication approach stands for a higher contact quality.

4. An online magazine sheds new light on their company

Whether an employee, a new product or a well-researched article is published - a customer magazine creates trust, transparency and identification with the company. You can show your customers the people and the ideas behind the brand and give your company a face.

5. Reach your employees even better

In addition to the customer-side effect, you can also reach your employees through exciting and useful topics. Editorial content is also suitable for employer branding and shows you as an attractive employer.

6. They sharpen the focus on your target group

The online magazine can be a useful supplement to your already used communication channels. They reach a clearly defined target group with almost no wastage with a high-quality content.

7. Online magazines promote customer exchange

Create a new level of communication that works both ways. Deliver the editorial content, information and tips to your target audience, and your customers can use contact forms to contact you or quickly contact editors.

8. Tapping new potential and keeping customers

You would like to address the internet-savvy generation with a digital magazine? With Novamag it's quite simple, we offer the right software and you can create your online magazine.

*A PAC study commissioned by Materna Munich / Berlin, 25.08.2017** ICMF_Barometer_Dossier_2015



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