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5 reasons why a simple PDF newsletter is no longer sufficient

Greater reach and interaction through interactive newsletters

Published on Jun 12, 2019

E-mail marketing is considered a true pioneer in the online marketing scene. Although the word 'email', along with other buzzwords such as #instagram, #SEO, or #influencer, is rather unspectacular, mail has not lost its reliability in marketing as it ages.


But why is it that many online marketers just frown on the term 'email marketing'? Quite simply: you think of outdated, (unfortunately) classic newsletters. These usually consist of a title and an accompanying introduction, which should build up as much tension. Build tension? What for? Exactly! To then disappoint with a PDF as 'newsletter' in the appendix directly.

In the following article, we provide you with 5 reasons that speak in favor of abandoning the classic PDF newsletter and using an innovative solution such as Novamag.

Step out of the masses?

We have already teased our first argument in the introduction: The classic version of a newsletter is now used by almost everyone. The mere fact that this marketing measure has established itself in companies that otherwise rely more on traditional marketing methods shows that there has to be a change. The classic PDF newsletter simply 'does not flash anymore'. This is not only because of the numerous disadvantages, but much more because PDFs in the mailbox are nothing special for a long time. Whether it's your employer, the restaurant you last visited, your car repair shop or the hotel you last spent your holiday in, you'll find: Every week you'll find classic newsletters that have different content, but somehow are all the same - just boring. In order to really go with the spirit of the times, it requires a different integration of your own online magazine. For example, with an innovative all-in-one solution, as Novamag offers. Boring newsletters thus become individual experiences for the customer.

Say goodbye to bad user experience!

Above all, with the progress of our technology, the degree of pampering of the average user has also increased. While it was close to a miracle five years ago, when an application automatically adjusted itself to the size of a display, this is now considered a perfect standard ... which is no wonder, if you take a look at the many different Display sizes for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and monitors. All this sounds like another argument, not to stick to an outdated technique such as the PDF newsletter, which basically does not adapt to a display. Is there a reason why you would even less like to use a newsletter subscriber than from the aspect that the PDF was downloaded but could not be read? It's time to say goodbye to the old technology and the worse user experience and clear the way for better solutions.

Make it easier to go viral!

"Well, that sounds quite plausible so far. But if the content of my PDF newsletter convinces you, it fits, does not it? ", One or the other may think, but here we can confidently say: No, not really. To support this thesis, let's just play through the scenario that happens when we have a PDF newsletter with top content and send it to our audience. The mail is opened, the introduction read and the customers, who then download the PDF, find the content then also good? "Great, what more do I want?" - One moment, we are not quite there yet.

As a rule, a convinced customer also has other potential customers among his circle of friends. This customer is convinced not only by your company, but also by the high-quality content of your newsletter. As a good friend, the customer wants to tell his colleagues what great value he has gained from your newsletter, but how? Send a PDF via WhatsApp? Send a screenshot in the Instagram story? The E-Mail including PDF to forward easily? It makes you feel a little strange. This is another disadvantage of a PDF newsletter: If you have convinced a user, this hardly has a way to forward this. It works differently with Novamag, where you simply send a link, as you would with a YouTube video or an Instagram post.

... and if something goes wrong?

Once we are honest with ourselves: Each of us has already incorporated a completely avoidable, orthographic or linguistic error in a mail or a text. Not only are we talking about that, or you have been / since, but also about simple typing mistakes. And these happen, that's absolutely human and normal. Despite the free availability of all translation tools, so is even once the one or the other faulty mail to the outside. And if it is quite suboptimal running, just to the public. In social media, such an error would not be bad. Just delete or edit the post. But for a PDF newsletter, I have a big problem if I sent it to a seven-digit audience, but forgot to add a design or chose the wrong font size. But instead of bury your face in your hands, you'd better look for a solution that allows for later changes. Thus one is always prepared for the emergency.



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